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To initiate an RMA Request contact:
RMA Service Department
PH: (978) 688-2000 x28

Download RMA Request Form

Tips for Returning RMA Products to WIN

Download the RMA Request Form and fill out the form as completely as possible to initiate an RMA transaction with WIN Enterprises. A single downloaded form will accommodate up to three items, but can be electronically copied If you are returning more than three items. Send the completed form to After we receive and process your form we will return it back to you with your assigned RMA number. File a copy for your records and print them out to return with your product shipments to WIN Enterprises.

  • In order to process the returned part be sure to include the RMA number on the packing list. You will receive a number from the WIN Service Department. An absence of this RMA could result in the return of the part without repair.
  • A copy of your original Purchase Order should be included with the packing list.
  • A revised Purchase Order (PO) should be sent to WIN Enterprises within a week of the return of product. Returned products can not be received into our system until the Revised PO is entered.
  • Out-of-warranty products are charged a $100 processing fee plus cost of parts for the repair. Where appropriate a quote will be supplied.
  • Products will be returned within 6 weeks (if an in-house repair); up to 3 months can be required for major repair as these are send to our Taiwan manufacturing facility.
  • A Status Report with be sent to you every Friday once the repair is entered into our tracking system.

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