WIN Enterprises designs and manufactures custom circuit boards and appliances for electronic OEMS.

Custom x86 Design

WIN Enterprises serves a variety of industries with custom x86 platforms including telecommunications, IT networking, medical, industrial, military, video editing, and more. WIN serves the North American and European markets...

IIoT Whitepaper

Although broader in scope, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) builds on traditional control engineering and the Information Technology previously in place in manufacturing organizations. It can be thought of as a technology stack with integrated layers that increase in intelligence over four technology layers.

Using Virtualization to Empower IoT Network Infrastructure

The continued growth of the IoT is putting a strain on traditional networks. And it's not just a matter of more bandwidth – IoT data is fundamentally different from the voice and video packets that comprise much of the traffic on modern networks.

Corporate Capabilities

WIN Enterprises works with customers to produce perfect-fit x86 embedded products for their markets.

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