WIN Enterprises serves a variety of industries with custom x86 platforms including telecommunications, IT networking, medical, industrial, military, video editing, and more. WIN serves the North American and European markets...

For those in the northeastern U.S. we represent a full service, embedded computer vendor with the added benefit of the local touch. We welcome your visits to our North Andover head office and production facilities in Taipei.

WIN's Hallmarks

WIN Enterprises provide a high level of expertise that often sees prototype designs working from the 'get go.' Intel has been impressed enough to ask WIN Enterprises to develop designs on some their important embedded design projects.

WIN Enterprises is an Affiliate Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance, a global ecosystem of 200+ member companies that provide the performance, connectivity, manageability, and security developers need to create smart, connected systems.

Our second hallmark is rapid product development. This is based on hundreds of successful designs and an extensive accumulated library of development kits that provide off-the-shelf solutions to a wide variety of tasks. These can substantially reduce development time.

Providing a full battery of services from architecting, prototyping, finalized design, software installation, testing, production, and product management means problems are resolved quickly across functional lines. This is because you are dealing with a single rather than multiple vendors. Multiple vendors never have the benefit of the full view that we enjoy.

Off-loading the engineering tasks means you don't have to staff up or add capital equipment or additional production lines in order to go to market with a new product. And, you don't have to invest time hunting down specialized BIOS, Intel Architecture, or FPGA talent. WIN Enterprises can provide these.



Manufacturing facilities Taipei, Taiwan.

On the manufacturing side, we have dedicated off-shore manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. This keeps production costs competitive and ensures that you are always dealing with highly skilled and experienced embedded professionals. Off-loading these tasks means you can concentrate on your high-level vision of serving your customers with the most innovative solutions.

Embedded Components

The active components WIN Enterprises works with come from the Embedded Roadmaps of Intel and AMD. This means that, if required, we can guarantee the availability of your WIN design for up to seven years. This number can depend on the launch date of the active components involved, but that date can also be extended depending of the quantities involved in a last-time buy. Customers find this particularly advantageous in the medical diagnostic device area where product redesign and subsequent recertification would prove prohibitively expensive.

We Are Fully Current

Our close relationship with Intel and AMD provides access to the latest versions of their active components be they 10 GbE or 40 GbE Ethernet chips or their latest processors. You will find us among the earliest-to-market with their technologies. For instance, WIN was first to market with a motherboard with embedded multicore processor.


Purpose-built Solutions


Networking platforms with custom molded bezels

Awarding the design phase of your project to WIN Enterprises means that you will go to market with a purpose-built solution. In addition to being a purpose-built solution, it is often important to also look purpose built. WIN Enterprises can also provide your solution with a custom bezel -- either a low-cost Mylar overlay or a custom molded bezel that will make your product stand out among your competitors.

 One thing to keep in mind is that we only design what we expect to build; and we build only what we design. That enables WIN to be competitive in both these product phases.       

Life-cycle Management

WIN Enterprises is an ISO 9001 certified company that takes product management very seriously. We monitor the life cycles of the active components in order to optimize decisions regarding their sourcing. If an active or passive component is going to go EOL, we let you know the sourcing options and provide our recommendations so you never get blind-sighted.

Form Factor Expertise

WIN Enterprises offers the MB-73430 COM Express® Basic-size, Type 6 (pin-outs) that supports Intel® 6th Generation Core™ SoC Processors (formerly code-named Skylake) This COMe module can be customized to be ECC-memory capable when needed.



PL-80480, 3 Views of this 4U Rackmounted Quad Intel® Xeon processor

We design and manufacture small form factor cards, modules and boards up all the way up to networking platforms 4U's in height. We also provide custom design and assembly of field-deployed wireless telecom transceivers with Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) in our North Andover, Massachusetts facility. These units serve the wireless telecom needs of rural areas in the U.S.  


When you need to get to market quickly while still limiting your financial risks, contact WIN Enterprises at (978) 688-2000 or email: Together we'll meet your goals.

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