Case Studies

Satellite Ground Station Management

This WIN Enterprises customer is a leading provider of solutions for managing communications infrastructure, including satellite, terrestrial, internet and broadcast systems. Company products include an award winning management system and a suite of products for managing remote sites and portable terminals.

Medical / Biomedical Technology

As a technology leader in the development of fast whole-blood analyzers that support the care of critically ill patients this WIN customer develops and manufactures medical devices and diagnostic products for some of the world's leading healthcare corporations.

Law Enforcement 2

This long-time WIN Enterprises OEM customer designs and manufactures compact keyboards, industrial LCD displays, and compact durable computers. WIN contributes to their leadership position by designing and manufacturing motherboards for the Company’s all-in-one computers.

Industrial Automation

Programmable Logic Controllers

This WIN Enterprises customer is a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketer of high-tech programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and motion control systems used in process automation and industrial control.

Law Enforcement

This WIN Enterprises customer is focused on the application of advanced technology to law enforcement challenges. Based near the nations' capitals, the company is in business to offer products for the enforcement of laws both civil and criminal.

Military Imaging

This WIN Enterprises customer is ranked in the top 2,000 of Inc. Magazine’s 5000. Their systems are some of the most technologically advanced small form factor and mobile workstations used by military, government agencies, oil & gas and other organizations.

Converged Application Platform

Intel® required a reference design for a Converged Application Platform (CAP) that could serve the needs of a range of communications users, but primarily for IP PBX applications for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). The design would be made available to Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) and other resellers to remarket to service providers and SMBs.

Internet Security

WIN produced an entire family of network application platforms for edge firewalls and is went on to produce the next generation of products. This WIN customer avails itself of the full breadth of WIN's integrated services. This means the customer has reduced business risks as it avoids the expense of adding specialized personnel, production lines and support staff.

Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking