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WIN Enterprises MB-60630 is the bases for a powerful, compact computer ideal for tapeless video workflows and editing on location.

Portable Video Editing Workstation


WIN Enterprises MB-60630 is the bases of a powerful, compact computer ideal for tapeless video workflows and editing on location

This WIN customer is a leading manufacturer of high-performance mobile workstations and servers. Portable units from the company are used in field applications for the military, government agencies, oil & gas, and other areas that require computing platforms for highly intense applications. The company recently introduced a briefcase-sized mobile workstation designed specifically for real-time video editing in the studio, on set, or on location. This provides great savings in time and money and increases artistic control.
The system fuses the high-end computing specifications of a tower workstation with the convenience and portability of a laptop, allowingdigital production professionalsto utilize one system that fulfills both needs. The system features dual quad-core Intel® Xeon processors on a PICMG 1.3 Single Host Board (SHB).
The new platform product is a true high-end editing workstation that can be transported easily to any location. The system accelerates the creative process by enabling critical editing and post-production decisions to be made quicker and closer to production. The system supports any Windows-based NLE but is tailored for the needs of Avid and Adobe users with features that enable easy migration from a desktop or laptop-based system to this powerful platform. Turnkey hardware and software bundles are offered to get customers started right out of the box.
With an external keyboard and mouse, the entire package weighs only 22 lbs. and comes with a convenient travel case. It’s easy to take on the road or stow in the overhead compartment of an airplane. The system takes up no more desk space than a notebook computer, but is far more functional, expandable, and upgradeable. Processors, RAM, hard drives, and PCI cards can be upgraded just like a desktop computer. The system can also be easily upgraded with feature options from any other portable system the company offers for even more flexibility.
The system is competitively priced with comparably-equipped tower workstations with HD monitor, and costs less than a workstation and high-end notebook combined.

The WIN Enterprises MB-60630 is a twin-socketed PCMIG 1.3-style SBC that supports 2x Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 series or 2x Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 processors. As a PICMG 1.3-style motherboard, it is small enough to enable mobile applications, but powerful enough for high-intensity computing.

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Note: Now a legacy product.

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