Network Security

WIN's customer is a leading provider of integrated Internet security solutions that provide organizations of all sizes unparalleled protection from dynamic threats.

WIN Enterprises supplies many networking and network security solutions providers with hardware platforms for firewalls, SPAM filters and Unified Threat Management systems. The applications of this particular network security solutions provider span:


      • Firewalls
      • IPSec
      • VPN
      • Anti-Virus
      • Anti-Spyware
      • Intrusion Prevention
      • Web Content Filtering
      • And More…

The Problem

The Company's line of network security products had reached its end-of-life. For their next generation of products they had tried going directly to an off-shore source for their hardware platforms, but the quality of these units proved inadequate. The quality factor quickly become a major issue.

The Solution

The Company decided to go back to their original platform manufacturer, the one who had designed their original and long-lived product line -- WIN Enterprises.

WIN Enterprises has Design and Manufacturing operations in both North America and Asia and could more than compete with the new vendor on technology, quality, service and price. Because of WIN's extensive experience in designing network devices in a variety of formats, they were able to design three new units that spanned the customer's product line needs, i.e., desktop, IU and 2U rackmount platforms. The use of long-life embedded components ensures that the company has control of its own destiny relative to their product life-cycle.

Branding In order to create branded units with unique look and features WIN Enterprises designed the units with unique molded front-end bezels. This provided the customer with additional product differentiation, i.e., a product line that had a 'purpose built' look.

The Company's hardware designs are based on customization to WIN Enterprises standard desktop, 1U, and 2U platforms. These form the basis of the Company's product line.

WIN Enterprises is an Affiliate Member with the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.


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