Converged Application Platform

Intel® required a reference design for a Converged Application Platform that could serve the needs of a range of communications users, but primarily for IP PBX applications for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). The design would be made available to Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) and other resellers to remarket to service providers and SMBs.

An approach that leveraged hardware and software innovations of those in the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance would enable the development of a feature-rich platform at moderate cost. The hardware would feature integration and load balancing between the IA architecture in the form of a low-power consuming Pentium processor and Intel’s Networking Processing architecture that utilizes an Intel network processing chip.

On the software side, Asterisk open-source software and solutions from other members of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance would be used to provide a feature rich IP-PBX solution at the low targeted price points and enable the end-user business to gain access to features heretofore available only to larger organizations.

Intel needed a knowledgeable ODM to help them co-design and produce the unit in a timely fashion. WIN Enterprises had produced several reference designs for Intel® before and also had special expertise in IP PBX and Linux from previous projects. Furthermore, WIN had a reputation of getting it right the first time. WIN produced the design in the required time providing Intel with a strategic IP PBX design they could demonstrate worldwide.

WIN Enterprises is an Affiliate Member with the Intel Embedded Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers.

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