Broadcast Communications Equipment

This WIN customer is the broadcast communications division of a Fortune 500 company which has sales well over $1 billion per annum. The division serves international government agencies and commercial markets in more than 150 countries.

The Problem

The company was transitioning from systems based on dedicated video processing standards to open x86 processing architecture. This move was to lower Cost of Goods Sold, present better value to end-user customers, and enable the division to avail itself of the wealth of applications, operating systems, utilities, and platforms in the world of x86 processing.

This move would require an ODM that could design a SBC and backplane that could support high-end video processing while lowering costs, raising performance, and maintaining quality. The Company required the performance of multi-core processing, and an ODM with video processing and multi-core processing experience.

The Solution

As the first ODM in the embedded industry with a small form factor to support multicore processing, WIN Enterprises was identified as someone to speak with. WIN had also designed a high-end SBC for video processing for a major industry competitor on a project basis.

After successfully developing a prototype SBC and custom backplane--one that would support high-end video processing, the relationship entered the initial manufacturing phase based on a moderate number of annual units. Phase II of the relationship was soon entered upon when WIN proved itself an efficient, low-cost, quality-conscious partner and was given the responsibility of the full manufacturing run for the motherboard.

WIN and the Company's division are now entering a new phase of the relationship, which entails the production and assembly of a complete hardware platform, i.e., the enclosed assembled device.

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